Our world is experiencing a health crisis. A pandemic. People are losing their loved ones to a virus that does not discriminate. No one is safe. Even with the quarantine, essential workers such as first responders, healthcare workers and senior care staff are still out on a daily basis risking exposure to this deadly virus. Let’s also not forget the grocery store clerks and restaurant workers who have now become heroes in their own right during this pandemic. 

What can we do?

Our mission is to quickly get the products needed from distributors, suppliers, and re-sellers into the hands of the organizations who desperately need them. Without engaging in the toxic brokering cycles where prices get significantly higher and delivery times get much longer.

At Sourceline Medical Supply, we take action. We saw an opportunity to provide preventative, life saving medical supplies that will help the people on the front lines stay safe. These products will aid the world in stopping the spread of this virus. Armed with the right tools, we can get ahead of this virus and stop it. We can also prevent more people from getting sick, while others focus on a cure for those who are fighting to stay alive.