Paulette Rakestraw, Founder and COO of Sourceline Medical Supply is an entrepreneur with a passion for business and a heart for helping people.  She was approached by the company that is supplying billions of pandemic supplies to New York and FEMA to help them get products distributed throughout the nation to hospitals, nursing homes and first responders. 

Paulette started her first business in 1988 as a single parent at the age of 21.  She has built multiple companies throughout her career and served as a State Representative in the Georgia Legislature for 8 years.  Paulette was the first female to represent her county in the Georgia legislature.  She also served on the local board of education in her community. She is the Georgia Commissioner for the Compact for a Balanced Budget Amendment where she has worked in Washington and in many states across the nation.

Paulette decided to leverage her contacts throughout the nation to help get much needed pandemic supplies into the hands of the people that need them.  She started SourceLine Medical Supply as a resource to respond to the pandemic and formed other strategic partnerships with suppliers along with way. She also brought investors in with direct access to PPE supplies that have been scarce due to the global demand.  By forming this alliance between the medical industry, suppliers and investors, she created a solid, dependable supply chain that is providing products at a reasonable market price with a quick turnaround in a crazy high demand market where prices around the world have been skyrocketing.